It’s time for companies to expect more from their travel management partner. G D Goenka invites you to look at corporate travel management in a new way, designed to move your business forward, globally, with every travel money you spend.

  • Expect expert customer service, consistently delivered around the world, 24/7
  • Inform, empower and support your travellers with powerful and intuitive technology
  • Demand access to an intelligent travel marketplace with the broadest possible array of travel content

Leverage the only truly integrated corporate travel service available – that constantly evolves to deliver more for its customers.G D Goenka blends the most proactive agency services with innovative travel technology, and global travel market expertise to provide each customer with a fully unified, and customised, corporate travel solution.

Being synonymous with world class tour options; both Deluxe Travel Europe Ltd. (Austria) and GD Goenka Tourism Corporation Ltd. (New Delhi, India) together launch Spazio Travel. A new beginning, a new patent and a new identity.

Being the only agent in India with sole Marketing rights for Virgin Galactic. The first Private Spaceline.For the chosen few Spazio’s offerings are unmatched and are true reflections of one’s own style statement. So march ahead and take on not only the world but the entire universe.

GD Goenka Group more popularly known for its achievement in the field of education guarantees no less luxury and quality when it comes to Spazio Travel.